Prepare Your Session


Massage therapists

All of our massage therapists are members of a New Brunswick massage therapist professional association and can issue receipts for your insurance company or income tax returns. Insurance receipts cannot be issued when paying with a gift certificate.


It is mandatory to book for all massages with a credit card number (MasterCard or Visa). Any cancellation or change within 24 hours of your appointment will incur a $ 95 fee plus tax. You can book online, by phone or at our location.

Health and medical conditions

It is important to share any health condition you may have with the massage therapist, including giving specific answers on the health questionnaire which you will be asked to fill out before your massage.

Pregnant women

Prenatal massages are very beneficial but are not recommended during the first trimester.  Essential oils are also not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

With or without thermal experience

You may enjoy a massage even if you do not wish to experience thermotherapy.


Check with your insurance company before your massage to confirm your coverage plan.

Minimum age required

Massages are for guests at least 16 years old,