About Us

Geneviève Nolet

Experience Manager (CEO)

Always in search of new adventures, Geneviève Nolet had her first thermal experience in Iceland, during a trip with her partner in life and their 3 children. Falling under the spell, she continued to visit scandinavian spas throughout North America and Europe until she had the idea to bring the concept into the Atlantics. Determined and confident in her project, she developed Usva Spa Nordik slowly but surely, step by step. Conscientious, dedicated and dynamic, Geneviève is CEO of the company and the Usva experience manager !

BUT! such a vast project does not happen alone … Martine Fontaine and Mélanie Gaudet-LeBlanc soon joined the team !

Martine Fontaine

Bistro lounge Manager

Martine Fontaine has a sparkling personality, always full of ideas! Born in a family where the pleasures of culinary art were keystones, she quickly fell in love with gastronomy. She is passionate about local products, gardening, edible plants, international cuisine … Mother of 2 children, Martine is the bistro-lounge manager at Usva and she strives to offer unconventional flavour pairing to our guests !

Mélanie Gaudet-LeBlanc

Massage Therapy Manager

Mélanie Gaudet-LeBlanc is the « zen » person on the team. Embodying simplicity and gentleness, she has at heart the well-being of her loved ones and our clients. Her life experience has led her to focus on wellness and overall health. Inspired by what nature can offer, she incorporates wild plants both in her diet and in her medicine cabinet. Also a mom of 2 children, Mélanie is the massage therapy manager at Usva.

The Usva mission & values

A stress free life for all

Our mission is to offer you a unique wellness bubble, simply!

The values guiding our every day actions are:

  • PASSION: we thrive to inspire through everything we do
  • KINDNESS: we value kindness through all our actions, little or big
  • BALANCE: we prone a balanced lifestyle for the well-being of our guests, employees, families and friends
  • QUALITY: we always strive to surpass your expectations